20 Luglio 2022

ForumPiscine 2023: the curtain opens on Outex and the International Conference on Swimming Pool & Spa

After a 2022 edition that exceeded all expectations, the organizers focused on the 14th edition of ForumPiscine (15-16-17 February 2023, Bologna Fair), an appointment to mark on the calendar. One reason among all? The news and events that will await exhibitors, congressmen and visitors of ForumPiscine.

The heart of water research

In 2023 ForumPiscine will host the 10th International Conference on Swimming Pool & Spa (I.C.S.P.S.) – the prestigious world conference dedicated to the safety and quality of water for recreational use in swimming pools and spas – . While ForumPiscine is its organizational and logistical partner, the scientific organization is managed by Istituto Superiore di Sanità and the University of Rome Foro Italico.

The conference will host researchers and academics from all over the world, for a first-level training event that will converge with the presentation of the best news for next season by companies in the swimming pool and spa industry.

The outdoor revolution

ForumPiscine is ready to evolve, to revolutionize its expo, broadening its gaze on the context in which the pool is placed, on its setting, to present to the Italian and international public everything that revolves around water. In a word, Outex.

Also thanks to the pandemic, which has led all of us to re-evaluate all private outdoor spaces, such as gardens and terraces, in the last two years there has been a renewed interest, widespread among all generations, towards green areas and gardens, and in general towards everything that allows a closer connection with nature and outdoor life, relax, physical activity and tourism.

The debut of Outex

What unites these outdoor spaces, both residential and collective, is the idea of a project, a scenography made up of a multitude of factors, from outdoor furniture - market in great ferment and with significant growth prospects - to ornamental plants, to pergolas, to play equipment. Outex is all this and much more. It is the place to meet designers, architects, manufacturers and vendors with proposals and solutions to create or give a new look to a residential or public outdoor space, in contexts dedicated to sport, well-being and holidays.

A brand new and unprecedented event, an exhibition, an experience of taste and culture that will present to the public - at the same time and in synergy with ForumPiscine - the most interesting, eco-sustainable, elegant, modern and hi-tech solutions the market has to offer. An event open to all buyers, glamorous and innovative, with a look at leisure, that is entertainment, a new, very popular trend that affects swimming pools and aquatic centers around the world.

ForumPiscine, ICSPS and Outex: the works are in progress. Keep following us for updates.