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Stones and ceramics for pools, Thermal Centres and Spas, Energy Efficiency. These are some of the hottest topics resulting in real events in the event.

Logo Italian Pool Award

ForumPiscine will host the prize-giving ceremony of the Italian Pool Award, the annual award to the Italian pool design established in 2010 by the magazine Piscine Oggi. Participation is free and open to everyone: companies, technical offices, professionals, pools’ owners, managers, and operators. Applications for the contest are officially open!


Logo Spatech

ForumPiscine dedicates a special area to the technologies, systems, products, materials and equipments for Spas, Thermal and Wellness Centres, either stand alone or inside accommodation structures. The area is enhanced with further analysis, research and debates on water technologies.



It’s a matter of Energy.

Once again this year, ForumPiscine will commit particular attention to the most effective solutions to optimize the pools and Spas’ management, focusing on the environmental sustainability and the economic saving. Among the topics discussed, ForumPiscine will deal again with Energy Efficiency, highly appreciated by the public.