ForumClub was born from the idea of Editrice Il Campo, a specialized publishing house based in Bologna.

Since the beginning of the '70s, Editrice Il Campo has been a point of reference for technical and scientific information and dissemination, specialized in the fields of fitness, wellness, swimming pools, leisure, and sports facilities. Editrice Il Campo has an editorial and leadership history behind it, at the turn of two centuries and through the commitment of two generations, which can be summarized in four words: from lead to the bit.

The cultural vocation of the founder Franco Maestrami dates back to his journalistic studies at the Institute of Urbino, while the actual publishing activity began in 1958 with the publication of GIROSCOPIO, a newspaper dedicated to cinema, a fundamental prerequisite for the birth of the Publishing company that will make its debut in 1971 with the GUIDA DELLO SPORT  and then, the following year, with the foundation of the magazine PISCINE OGGI.

Since then Editrice Il Campo has founded the magazines IL NUOVO CLUB – dedicated to the management of fitness and wellness club – and SPORT INDUSTRY DIRECTORY, the portals, and a catalogue of books, audiobooks, and e-books that are today milestones for operators, managers, researchers, technicians, and designers. Editrice Il Campo produces and manages online, offline and live content with authority, organizing ForumClub and ForumPiscine, international conference and trade fair events for the corresponding sectors every year.

Editrice Il Campo's work does not end here: discover the complete catalogue of publications at


Absolut Eventi & Comunicazione

Absolut Eventi & Comunicazione has been with Editrice Il Campo for over 20 years in the strategic planning and operational implementation of ForumClub, as an organizational secretary, press office and communication agency for its events.

Absolut was born in January 2001 from the fusion of different professional skills gained in the field of communication agencies and event organization in Bologna. Since its foundation, Absolut has operated in two separate and complementary spheres of action:

ideation, creation and production of communication services for public and private Clients: planning and design of on and off-line communication campaigns; corporate identity management; creation and production of publications, manuals, brochures, catalogues and any type of below-the-line material; video making and web design; digital and social communication; marketing planning; press office and PR;

creation, organization, and management of events: Absolut regularly organizes national and international exhibitions, events, conferences, and congresses, with public, private or autonomous organizations, for which it usually follows strategic planning and operational management, including all organizational secretarial, communication and press office activities.

The agency's dual specialization is at the service of Editrice Il Campo for the best satisfaction of all the actors - companies and professionals, as exhibitors, visitors, and congressmen - who, with their participation, contribute every year to the success of its events.