04 November 2021

Water culture in the post-pandemic age

ForumPiscine Congress 2022 – with free admittance – will deal with managerial and environmental sustainability, innovation and research, investments and savings, rules and sports regulations, addressing the whole supply chain of a market that, after the long closure imposed by the pandemic, is polarized between an increase in demand and the difficulties faced by pool and aquatic facility managers in restarting their activities at full capacity.

Therefore, ForumPiscine 2022 will be a great opportunity for companies and players to make a fresh start in the challenging scenario created by the long health emergency. The three days will see important initiatives and projects aimed at providing actual support to the sector, in close collaboration with institutional partners such as FIN – the Italian Swimming Federation, ENEA – the Italian National Agency for Energy Efficiency and Economic Development and ICS – the Italian Institute for Sports Credit, academic institutions such as the University of Rome Foro Italico, leading companies in the water sector and a network of new players known thanks to initiatives aimed at supporting the sector organised in these difficult past months.

Also worth emphasising is the participation of UNPISI (the Italian Association of Prevention Technicians in the Environment and Workplaces), whose collaboration with ForumPiscine has a main clear purpose: to contribute to a paradigm shift that will allow managers of public and private pools for collective use to interact positively with prevention technicians who inspect facilities, leading to a virtuous synergy between these two realities that, until today, looked at each other with suspicion. All this is in the common interest of developing effective and efficient management practices for the benefit of users.