20 January 2018

ForumPiscine presents Dantherm Group and NUFiltration, new exhibitors at 2018 edition!

Just a few weeks away from the tape-cutting celebration of ForumPiscine 2018 and this edition is becoming more and more international. From China to Israel, through Austra, Spain, France, Germany, Hungary, and Holland, the Expo will be a real window on the world, with a team of exhibiting companies with a strong foreign presence and full of new faces. Waiting to kick off this new, exciting edition, ForumPiscine presents some of the great news this year, companies, in short, that for the first time will come to Bologna to present their products to the public of the Forum.


Dantherm Group

Logo Dantherm Group

Dantherm Group is a leading provider of climate control products and solutions. The group companies have more than 60 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high quality and energy efficient equipment for heating, cooling, drying and ventilation for a wide range of mobile and fixed applications. Every year Dantherm Group uses significant resources on product development to stay in the forefront and are constantly adapting the products to changing market demands and legislation. The Dantherm Group has a number of strong brands with well established market positions in the mobile, pool, commercial/industrial and residential markets, and customers benefit from the company's comprehensive knowledge base and the experience and expertise gained from more than three million climate control products and solutions sold worldwide. 
For more info: www.danthermgroup.com


Nuf Filtration


Logo Nuf Filtration

NUFiltration Ltd. is a young, innovative, dynamic and global company with one main purpose: the distribution and application of NUF ™ technology in the field of the pool and wastewater treatment. NUF ™ technology is based on a worldwide applied patent, which provides the reuse of sterilized medical devices employed in the dialysis process - 3.3 mm ultrafiltration of nominal filtration rate - in the water treatment sector. The devices - after sterilization performed according to the internationally recognized ANSI/AAMI stricter standards - are the main elements of the systems conceived, produced and marketed by NUFiltration Ltd. In short, the main advantage of NUF ™ technology is its ability to provide a premium quality to water, even higher than that obtained from Ultrafiltration membranes already existing on the market with an investment and very low operational costs.
For more info: www.nufiltration.com