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ForumPiscine 2018, when Gallery means smart!

A smart and dynamic cultural moment, but above all, an opportunity to encourage the whole industry to improve. These are the dominant features of this new edition of ForumPiscine, that this year, like every even-numbered year, will be held in Bologna from February 21st to 23rd, in its Gallery version. An open-pavilion innovation gallery that will have the look and the substance of a Greek agorà, a public debate square, gateway and unique meeting point for the Pool, Spa and Wellness market in Italy. ForumPiscine Gallery, ultimately, will not only be an unmissable opportunity to present products and technologies from around the world to the Italian market, in an Expo that brings together international companies, industry operators, and buyers. But it will also be a cultural moment, a chance to network, and to address and discuss issues affecting the whole industry.


Padiglione 33 ForumPiscine Gallery 2018



A powerful edition
Set in the Pavilion 33 of  Fiera di Bologna, located in the area designed by the Kenzo Tange in the Seventies, a district that also hosts the Emilia-Romagna Region, ForumPiscine Gallery this year will be held in a single space, and exhibitors will be given a leading role in the content production. For companies, Italian and foreign, in fact, there'll be the opportunity to have access to rooms already equipped for speed presentations and live workshops - to show the audience of industry experts and operators their distinctive characteristics and their own peculiarities in terms of production and quality. For this reason, stands for sale will be in predetermined sizes, decided by the organization - the average is around 32 meters - and the Expo area will be limited to make room for culture. Therefore, companies will be able to take part in the only event in Italy dedicated to the world of swimming pool, spa and wellness centers - as well as a gateway to the Italian market - with a moderate investment. And at the same time will be able to enjoy ForumPiscine 2018 communicative apparatus.

Communicate to be visible
The organization of ForumPiscine 2018 will dedicate ample space to the exhibitors. If the royal box will be reserved for the Premium Partners, all the companies that will participate in the Expo will be protagonists of a specific and dedicated communication via ForumPiscine's newsletter, social network, and websites, so as to be presented to the entire audience of the Forum participants. An unmissable opportunity to access ForumPiscine's network of contacts, and to get in touch with some of the world's most important industries.

The advantages for companies that participate in ForumPiscine 2018
With the show's guide map that is already crowded with the names and logos of the many companies that will be coming to Bologna this year to attend the event, ForumPiscine 2018 is already anticipating a success. And the Gallery edition, in particular, that centers on culture, and therefore restricts the exhibition space to construct real arenas of debate within Pavilion 33, promises to be an exclusive event with a long waiting list. The Italian experience dedicated to swimming pools, spas and wellness centers, in fact, isn't just the only B2B event in Italy for the sector, and it doesn't simply bring together hundreds of companies and professionals and managers of centers and operators in the tourism area, but it takes place in synergy with ForumClub, the one international b2b event in Italy for the fitness, wellness and aquatics industry, articulated in a three-day of Congress and Expo.


Speed Presentation


The Self-Sufficient Pool: a call to action!
Last August, in an interview with an Italian newspaper, the mayor of a town near Belluno depicted swimming pools as "a waste of water" that "worsens" the landscape. And forbade the construction of new plants. According to the survey conducted by Piscine Oggi, published in September on issue 179 of the magazine, however, none of those two statements is true. Indeed, with the necessary precautions, a pool doesn't just avoid to waste water but at a time when global warming is changing the climate of the world and water supplies are increasingly at risk, it can be an important resource in the service of the community. Thus, ForumPiscine 2018 decided to try an unprecedented enterprise: to rally all the sector, all the operators of an Industry that is fifth in the world for its importance, and all the companies and associations, including Assopiscine, Aiapp, the Italian Order of Architects, Eurowellness and Federterme. Together we can develop a new swimming pool model, we can help preserve a resource, water, which is the basis of every form of life, and make system, break down ignorance and prejudice, spread a correct information with the aim of giving momentum to the pool market, and why not, make it grow! Join us and let's talk about the tomorrow, the "Self-Sufficient Pool", at a time when the drought is a reality, and where the future can only be sustainable.


La piscina autosufficiente