Expo in brief, to get to know the exhibitors of ForumPiscine 2018 | ForumPiscine

Expo in brief, to get to know the exhibitors of ForumPiscine 2018

France, England, Germany, and then farther east and further west, all the way around the world. It will be an international Expo with a strong presence from abroad that of ForumPiscine 2018, Gallery edition. There are still a few weeks left before the inauguration of the event, which will take place at Pavilion 33 of the Bologna Fiere, from 21st to 23rd February 2018, but in the meantime, we have decided to introduce some of the production companies that for the first time will join the exhibitor team. A group of new companies on the Italian market, who will come to Bologna to meet new buyers and resellers: Ampron, Passion Spa and Wapotec

A leading company in the field of plastic processing, before, and the construction of prefabricated swimming pools, afterward, Ampron was founded in 1994 in Vértesszőlős, just outside Budapest, and since then its brand has become synonymous with quality. Specialized in the production of pre-built 'luxury' systems, intended both as an alternative to expensive traditional pools, and for the more classic prefabricated pools, Ampron pools are beautiful, solid, and designed to last a lifetime. "At the base of our activity - the Company says - there is the satisfaction of our customers. It's no coincidence that our slogan states 'a pool for life': it's our goal, and our team of highly qualified professionals is available for any need". Satisfaction, therefore, security, but also efficiency and cost reduction: "It's not enough to have the pool - Ampron explains - it's important to monitor its performance. We take care of every aspect. And we always guarantee maximum efficiency ".
For further information: www.ampron.hu

Passion Spa
A preeminent company in Europe in the creation of spas, Passion Spa was founded in 1989 in Netherlands, and in almost thirty years of business has become a reality of excellence, whose brand is a quality brand. The spas of Passion Spa, in fact, are not just whirlpool minipools: the architecture of the pools, the position and the power of the jets, and even the quality of the water, are designed and functional to the physical well-being, starting from the cervical, back and antistress therapeutic massage, which helps relieve tension after a day's work. And if the customizable and captivating design and the many features are not enough, there is also eco-sustainability. Passion Spa products, in fact, respect the environment and optimize consumption, cutting every waste. Passion Spa has distribution centers throughout Europe and the United States, and is present on the Italian market through its retailers, including Sanipool and Solo Piscine. And this year it will participate for the first time in the 2018 edition of ForumPiscine in order to increase the number of its retailers.
For further informazion: www.passionspas.com

Wapotec GmbH is an Austrian company renowned worldwide for the treatment of water, it's role as a supplier of filters and electrolysis systems that are safe, simple and effective for public pools. Thanks to its innovative and individual processes, in particular in the field of filter cleaning and filtering materials, Wapotec allows to obtain a better water quality, while saving, at the same time, water and energy. "We are a family company and there are two aspects that distinguish us: the attention we devote to research and development, and the care dedicated to our customers. Rather than aiming exclusively at the short-term profit, we are looking to build long-term relationships with customers". This year Wapotec will participate for the first time as an exhibitor at ForumPiscine 2018, the gateway for the Italian swimming pool market, with a specific goal: "We would like to collaborate with qualified partners for the commercialization of our solutions and our products for the purification of water in the various regions of Italy ".
For further information: www.wapotec.com