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The B2B area for companies and visitors

It was first introduced in the last edition of ForumPiscine-ForumClub, and also in 2017 all visitors can ask for a scheduled meeting with exhibiting companies for a one-to-one match during the show.

Since last year, ForumPiscine-ForumClub has been acting like meeting facilitator between visitors and companies with the creation of a "preferential lane" of meetings between professionals and buyers through a pre-scheduled agenda.

In particular, the Organizers ForumPiscine-ForumClub will manage a calendar of pre-scheduled meetings between visitors or congressmen and exhibiting companies to foster match between supply and demand and improve time management of all the participants in the show.

Meetings can be scheduled every day of the event (Tuesday 16th, Friday 17th and Saturday 18th February 2017).

For further information and book your meeting with one or more companies, please write an email to