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Acquabenessere: discover the new Premium Partner

A company that has been dealing with professional pool cleaners for many years, Acquabenessere will participate in ForumPiscine this year as a Premium Partner. The company, founded by Luigi Giaretta in the '50s, has chosen to fit into a very specialized and selective niche market, that is the one that incorporates the pools of a certain size that need a thorough cleaning, such as public swimming pools, water parks, biological swimming pools, spa facilities, pools used as "fireproofing" and inserted in large industrial complexes such as ornamentation, and all types of pools that require automatic cleaners.



Acquabenessere is currently the exclusive national distributor of the WEDA brand, a choice connected with the company policy, like the production ethics of Acquabenessere's products, made with cast aluminum alloy elements that minimize the use of plastic. And plastic is also limited in case of failures: the cleaners are opened and repaired without having to be discarded. The flagship products of Acquabenessere at ForumPiscine Gallery 2018 will be the WEDA cleaners. Come and discover them!