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Due to the coronavirus emergency, ForumPiscine's project is redefined and done in a journey in three stages, between March 2021 and February 2022, to support the operators of the supply chain with a continuous proposal and always in step with the times, up to to the development of the thirteenth edition of ForumPiscine, postponed by one year.

The first appointment is with the ForumPiscine Web Conferences, which from 10th to 13th March call the managers of public swimming pools online, with a panel of stakeholders and authoritative experts and a program focused on strictly topical and essential for the survival and recovery of management companies.

ForumPiscine Web Conferences are free and to follow them simply connect to the ForumPiscine Facebook page.



Wednesday, March 10 2021

Discover all congresses on Wednesday, March 10.


Thursday, March 11 2021

Discover all congresses on Thursday, March 11.


Friday, March 11 2021

Discover all congresses on Friday, March 12.


Addressed to owners, managers and entrepreneurs of fitness, wellness and squatics, it focuses on the different management areas of clubs. 

It's focused on the update of the sales staff, dealing with all the topics involved in the strategic development of the sector, from customer relationship to the use of web and socials to attract new buyers. 

A day of intensive training for one of the most important sections of the club: the reception. The first approach to the one who are already customers and the ones who could become new customers.

Addressed to instructors and personal trainers, with sessions exclusively conceived for the sector and other cross-category sessions; it can offer a comprehensive vision of the training sector.

Common program between ForumClub and ForumPiscine, it's focused on management of public swimming pools, thermal pools, wellness centres and hotels.

In-depth session of some hours focused on a specific topic, that matches theory and practice.

Important session dedicated to a general topic interesting for different trade professionals, which doesn't takes place in parallel with other sessions.

Free sessions organized by trade associations, federations and companies, focused on a wide range of topics.