About ForumPiscine

Innovation, technology and design made in Italy

The Italian know-how in the world of pools and Spas to set up one of the main events at the global level - and a one-of-a-kind event in Italy - for the water industry. ForumPiscine, the international exhibition organized by Editrice Il Campo, leading Italian Publisher specialized in fitness, wellness and pools, welcomes thousands of trade operators and a growing number of players from abroad.

Training, innovation, in-depth analysis, exhibitions, live shows, experiential islands, the prestigious Italian Pool Award: ForumPiscine represents an extraordinary opportunity to get to know what's new in the pool and spa industry, meet professionals and buyers and examine the latest market trends (products, technologies, services).


Taking the field for swimming pools and their sustainability

The essence of ForumPiscine is realised every year in February in the crowded corridors of its International Expo in the heart of BolognaFiere. In the remaining months of the year, ForumPiscine works unceasingly to maintain its commitment to the sector, protracted over time in a series of initiatives and concrete actions with clear objectives and with the support of collaborations, even institutional ones, that in some cases have given positive results, anything but taken for granted, for the operators of the sector. 

An example that speaks for everyone is the Smart Pool, one of the special projects presented during the 2020 edition of ForumPiscine. The Smart Pool took concrete form on a 1:1 scale and was based on a unique didactic-promotional connotation: the objective, in fact, was to raise awareness in the sector and, at the same time, define the standards dedicated to the concepts of self-sufficiency and sustainability for a major communicative and promotional action for the pool system, on a national level. 

In the following months of the pandemic, then, ForumPiscine supported the sector through a series of web conferences aimed at clarifying the difficult and complicated period, answering questions and clarifying doubts regarding the regulatory aspects of the emergency, and not only. 

The commitment of ForumPiscine has continued in the months and years to follow, offering the sector important moments of training and comparison, such as the Web Conferences of 2021, in collaboration with FIN - Italian Swimming Federation, a programme of free online meetings dedicated to managers of public pools.

And again, in 2022, an unprecedented installation, the culture of water in its fullest sense: the Laboratory Pool, an equipped space, inside the Expo, conceived by the magazine Piscine Oggi together with the Laboratory of Epidemiology and Biotechnology of the University of Rome 'Foro Italico', to carry out educational, demonstrative and cultural activities on the water resource in the pool. 

ForumPiscine also coordinated a panel of experts in the creation of a document dedicated to guidelines useful for the sector, starting with the May 2021 publication entitled "Guidelines for the economic-financial rebalancing of concessions for public swimming pools and sports facilities," to arrive almost two years later, to another important operational tool, useful to correctly and effectively address the soaring energy costs to ensure sustainable operating conditions, entitled "Caro energia - il riequilibrio economico-finanziario nelle concessioni per la gestione di impianti sportivi pubblici". 

Not to be forgotten is that, in 2020, ForumPiscine joined the Italia in Classe A circuit promoted by the National Agency for Energy Efficiency ENEA and Mise, the Ministry for Economic Development.